FL-Konica 1024 – 8 Heads

Wide-width head featuring 72mm print width for realization of high productivity.

Konica 1024 – 8 Heads

Highly efficient cooling fan system for drying.

Konica 1024 Applications :

Indoor Graphics

The large format inkjet printers are wide utilized for reproduction of top quality indoor graphics used in restaurants and shopping moles. Super fine ink droplets have enabled reproduction of picture grade pictures on a variety of substrates.

Material Deposition

Not limited to printing applications, the inkjet technology is expanding its usage to other fields like lcd color filter producing and circuit patterning. Konica provides solutions to device manufacturing industry with its renowned precise dot placement technology.

Textile Printing

Introduction of inkjet has dramatically simplified the work flow of analogue textile printing by eliminating laborious plate making processes. Digital inkjet textile printing, capable of reproducing rich colors with high productivity, has been attracting attention in this industry.