FL-Konica 512 i – 8 Heads

High speed konica 512 i 8 heads All Sign flex banner solvent printer HK3208S

Konica 512i – 8 Heads

High speed digitally controlled servo drive system for consistent long prints

Konica 512i Feature :

512 Nozzle with 360 dpi Spacing

High resolution, 360 nozzle per inch spacing has enabled arranging 512 Nozzle on a comactly designed print head. The KM512 series consists of type L, M and S, corresponding to unit drop volume capabilities of 42pl, 14pl and 4pl respectively. The type M and S can be driven in 4 level grey-scale mode for reproducing high quality images with smoother tones.

Enabling Comapct Design of Head

This series is specially designed to have a “wing” structure so users will exactly align the print heads certainly. This feature allows easy combination of page-width printhead units for the purpose of single-pass high-speed printing. an equivalent external style allows interchangability of various sort heads on the same mount system.

Piezo On-Demand Printhead

Piezo on-demand inkjet ejects ink drops utilizing deformation of little ink chambers composed of electricity material, by applying field in accordance with signals . The principle of shear mode piezo effort with shared wall structure permits lower power consumption similarly as a high-density nozzle array.